We specialise in the production of:

             rubber products
            rubber/metal products
            rubber profiles
            rubber in rolls
            carpet rubber
            specialised rubber articles
            rubber sleeves and rolls
            polyurethane-covered rollers
            plastic-covered rollers
            rubber end caps
            rubber grummets
            fuel tubes

Services offered:

            CNC, CAD/CAM, 3D processing
            CNC milling
            CNC turning
•             CNC serial production
•             cryogenic cleaning of rubber details



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How do we implement products?

We specialise in the production of rubber, rubber/metal and metal products. Advanced CNC processing and full CAD/CAM 3D software enable us to design and implement almost any product within 1-8 days. However, he average time of implementation in our company is 1.8 business days! We propose solutions thanks to which our clients rarely or never incur the cost of designing and implementing a product and pay for the final product only. This is possible due to an advanced technology for the production of injection moulds.
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